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Cafe owner grabbing pastries with customers in background

Thanks for stopping in.
We have an evolving seasonal menu made with locally sourced ingredients to share with you

Café Hours

7:30am - 2pm

Closed Wednesdays

Coffe, parfait and pastries on table at Monday Bakery


Breakfast (additional pastries rotate daily)

Frittata (GF, Veg) - $4.95 

Bagel Sando - $10.75

Breakfast Burrito (Veg) - $9.75

Chorizo or mushroom

Flavor changes seasonally

Bacon, egg & cheese (choice of plain or everything bagel from Loveski Deli)

Almond Butter Jelly Toast (Veg, V) - $7.50

Almond butter, strawberries, slivered almonds & honey on WestWon sourdough

Quiche (Veg) - $6.50/$45 wh

Choice of meat or veggie. Only available Sundays or by custom order.

Avocado Toast (Veg) - $9.25

Avocado, lemon & pecorino cheese topped with Delta microgreens on WestWon sourdough.

Add smoked salmon - $4.75

Biscuit - $4.75

Heart-shaped buttermilk biscuit with choice of jam or honey butter

Cruffin (Veg) - $6.25

Flavor changes seasonally

Rice Krispie - $4.25

Flavor changes seasonally

Pastelito - $6

Puff pastry triangle filled with guava jam and cream cheese

Yogurt Parfait - $6

French gourmet kefir yogurt topped with seasonal ingredients

Cinnamon Roll/Sticky Bun - $6.50

Coffee Cake (Veg) - $5.25

Kouign Amann (Veg) - $5.75

Almond Cake (GF, V) - $5.50

Flavor changes seasonally

Muffins (GF, V) - $5.50

Flavor changes seasonally

Nutella Banana Bread - $5.50

Banana bread topped with Nutella

Croissant (Veg) - $5.25

Ham & Cheese Croissant - $6.25

Chocolate Croissant (Veg) - $6

Twice Baked Croissant - $6

Flavor changes seasonally

Galette (Veg) - $8.50

Flavor changes seasonally

Oat Bar (Veg) - $6

Oats, honey, dried cranberries

Scones - $5.25

Flavor changes seasonally

All sandwiches come with side of Ohana Bros. kettle chips

Add on a side of soup for $2 | Only available after 11am

Lunch Items

Deviled Eggs (GF, Veg) - $1.50ea

Hard-boiled eggs with mayo & fresh herbs.

Grilled Cheese - $8

Flavor rotates seasonally. Typically vegetarian.

Seasonal Salads (Veg, V)

Tartine (Veg) - $9.25

Flavor rotates seasonally. Can be made vegetarian or vegan.

Flavor rotates seasonally. Typically vegetarian.

Mt. Tam, Ham & Jam - $12

Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese, Fro' Mani rosemary ham, Hurley Farms strawberry jam & dijon mustard on a WestWon baguette

Croissant Dog - $7.25

Hot dog in a croissant with seeds

Club Sandwich - $12

Other Sweets

Cake Slice - $5.25

Cookies - $3.50

Flavor changes seasonally

Brown butter chocolate chip, s'mores, or flourless chocolate

Cupcake - $4.25

Flavor rotates daily

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar - $7.75

Espresso machine with espresso flowing into cup
Serving latte at the counter

Explore Our Beverage Program

All of our syrups are made in-house and we feature specialty drinks that change seasonally. We are happy to serve Ohm Coffee Roasters coffee.

Coffee, Espresso & More

Drinks come with 2 shots

Drip Coffee - $3.75

Espresso - $4

Americano - $4

Macchiato - $4.25

Cortado - $4.50

Cappucino - $4.75

Flat white - $4.70

Latte - $4.70

Mocha - $6.50

Hot Chocolate - $6


Organic Numi Teas - $4. Jasmine Green, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Mint, Chamomile Lemon, Iced

London Fog - $4.75

Matcha Latte - $6.75

Wellness Drinks - $6

Made with organic Moodbeli

Pillow Talk

Golden Gaia

Maca root, dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, oat milk

Turmeric, ginger, black pepper, local honey, oat milk

Morel Support

This sipping broth contains cacao, Himalayan salt, and mushroom adaptogens: Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Morel, and more

Extras & Add-ons

Extra shot - $1.50

Quad Shot - $3

CBD 10mg - $3

Manuka Honey - $1

Housemade Syrup - $1

Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate, Seasonal

image of various milk options for coffee and tea

Milk Options







Straus Organic Milk


  • Enroll your phone number at checkout to start earning

  • Enter email for +1 free point

  • Earn 1 point per visit

  • Redeem 10 points for $10 off your next purchase

  • Use rewards on any Monday Bakery item

drinks in takeout refrigerator
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